Total Business License Management

Behind the scenes 100% compliance for worry free license obligations. Personal direct connect with each client.

Total Tangible Property Management

Accurate filing by people who know real and tangible property, our niche is property.

Sales and Use Audit

You have people to do sales tax compliance, we have specialized attorneys to handle the audit.

A Firm Dedicated to Retail Tax Compliance

Specializing in Dealing with Multi-Location Tax Issues

A High Volume of Locations Brings:

  • A high volume of tangible returns.
  • A high volume of tax notices.
  • A high volume of business license applications and renewals.
  • A high volume of various tax bills.
  • A high volume of deadlines.

Let Us Deal With All The Obstacles

A multi-location, high volume corporate tax program has unique challenges just due to the sheer volume of events.Is your corporate tax program running like it should? It’s your reputation! .

The Corporate trend is asking Retail Tax Leaders to perform with minimum personnel and at budget for outsourcing. Do you have time for your provider’s learning curve and high expense?

Invisible Compliance. Peace of mind that you are compliant

Let’s face it, Tangible Personal Property, Sales & Use Tax and Business licensing all seem to trigger each other. You are best represented when one company can manage it all.