Our TEAM works in conjunction with the certificate of occupancy process (many times your construction team) to assure all is in place at time of opening.

Tax leaders must deal with:
– Fictitious name filings at the State level
– Certificate of Occupancy
– Gross Receipts
– Floor Plans
– Fire Inspections
– Number of Employees

One of the LARGEST exposures you have that leads to a negative business license issue is employee turnover. Some tax directors push licensing issues down to the regional area managers. Employee turnover and mismanagement leads to risk.

Business licensing is one of the biggest administrative nightmares issues for multi-location companies. It starts with the requirements of the original application and usually followed with some sort of inspection. Once the license is granted, an annual renewal is required. Also annually is the tax bill accompanied with having the license. Not paying timely leads to fees, penalties and sometime loss of the license.

The largest part of the business licensing managing cycle is correspondence with the various jurisdictions. Our team specializes in working with the jurisdictions and smoothly managing your business licensing from beginning to end.